We have Sunday School classes for all ages every Sunday morning at 10:10AM.


Meeting times

Sunday School: Sundays at 10:10AM

Toddlers & Twos


Unit 1: Jesus Is Born

Toddlers will hear about Jesus’ birth and learn to thank God for their families and for Jesus.

Unit 2: Jesus Helps Peter

Through stories of Jesus and Peter, kids will understand the value of being a helper.

Unit 3: Jesus Tells about a Shepherd

As kids hear about the shepherd and his sheep, they’ll know that Jesus cares for them and others.

Unit 4: Jesus Loves Zacharias

Just as Jesus showed love to Zacharias, kids will know Jesus loves them too.



Unit 1: Jesus Comes

Kids will discover that God kept His promise to send Jesus to earth.

Unit 2: Jesus’ Ministry

Stories about Jesus’ baptism, choosing the 12 disciples, and calming a storm encourage kids to obey and trust God.

Unit 3: Jesus Loves Children

Kids will discover how much Jesus loves them as they hear how He raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead, fed thousands of people, and blessed children.



Unit 1: Christmas Is Good News

Kids will enjoy stories of Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth, the angels, shepherds, and Wise Men.

Unit 2: God’s Word

Through lessons about Moses and the Ten Commandments and Joseiah and God’s Word, kids will discover how to obey, love God and others, and show respect for God’s Word.

Unit 3: God Loves Everyone

Because God loves everyone, including people with disabilities, kids will learn to show God’s love to others.



Unit 1: Jesus Comes to Earth

Kids will discover how to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas through the story of Jesus’ birth, the best Christmas gift of all.

Unit 2: Jesus Begins His Ministry

Kids will find out how they are similar to and different from Jesus through stories about His early ministry and baptism.

Unit 3: Jesus Loves Sinners

Through the stories of four people who desperately needed to know Jesus loves them, kids will understand Jesus loves all kinds of people.



Unit 1: God With Us

Kids will look at the thoughts and feelings of the people God chose to be around the miraculous birth of His Son

Unit 2: God Helps Us

Through stories about Thomas, Mary and Martha, Peter, and Elijah, kids will discover that God is our Source of help in every situation.

Unit 3: God’s House

Kids will discover that church, God’s house, is where we learn about God—how to worship and obey Him, to be more like Him, and to show Christian love.



Unit 1: Responses to Jesus

Students will compare their responses to Jesus with the ways Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and the Wise Men responded to Him.

Unit 2: Attitudes and Actions

Stories about Absalom, Paul and Silas, and Daniel help students see how their actions and attitudes affect not only their lives but others as well.

Unit 3: Prayer

As students learn about prayer, they’ll discover its benefits, relate it to worship, and find out what it means to intercede.

Young Teen


Unit 1: Message Across Time

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel: Students will relate to how these prophets often struggled to stand for God.

Unit 2: Crisis Points

Loss, suicide, dependence, pornography: Students will explore the factors that contribute to these crises and how God’s Word offers guidance.

Unit 3: The Battles of David

Through the battles David faced, students will learn from his victories, defeats, and determination to cling to God in faith.

High School


Unit 1: That’s Not Natural

Miracles in the Bible and Today

Unit 2: Go an Tell

Answering the Call to Personal Evangelism

Unit 3: We've Got Issues

Biblical Insights on Social Concerns

College and Young Adults


Leaders/Facilitators: Kevin & Maria Beckwith

Room: 213

Subject: Non-Negotiable for Biblical Manhood: A Guide for Men and a Check List for Women

Adult Electives


Newcomer Membership Class

Leader/Facilitator: Pastor Mike

Room: Pastor Mike's Office

Subject: Learn about JCC & meet the Ministry Leaders

4 week sessions - check the Bulletin or Church Office for Schedule


Committed Couples

Leaders/Facilitators: Rev. James and Laura Mockabee

Room: 212

Subject: Communication: Say What?


Prayer Emphasis Class

Leader/Facilitator: Evelyn Bradley

Room: 212A

Subject: Prayer


Book of Acts

Leader/Facilitator: Claudia Moore

Room: 208

Subject: In Depth Study of the Book of Acts


Multi-Generational Bible Driven Interactive Study

Leader/Facilitator: Bob Shultz

Room: 101

Subject: Kings of Judah / The Christian Family


The Holy Spirit

Leaders/Facilitators: Rev. Richard & Sheryl Boettiger

Room: 102

Subject: Vibrant DVD Series on the Holy Spirit


Kingdom of God Applied to Daily Life

Leader/Facilitator: Neil Markva

Room: 103

Subject: Kingdom of God as Revealed in Ephesians


Equipping the Saints

Leader/Facilitator: Shane Shepard

Room: 212

Subject: Discovering where you fit in the Body of Christ and fulfill your destiny


Hispanic Believers en Espanol

Leader/Facilitator: Angel Medina

Room: 207

Subject: Reyes De Juda / La Familia Cristiana

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